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Luthi Rotary Filler (LTF)

Luthi Rotary Fillers (LTF) are designed for accurate fill weight, maximum product yield, attractive food appearance and high production speed.


Key features:

  • Overfilling is minimized – overfilling has a direct impact on your bottom line. Luthi fillers are the most accurate in the industry. Weight can be maintained within ±2% of target.

  • Product yield is maximized – uniform density is key to maximizing your product yield – and likewise your profits. Precise adjustment to air pressure control enables you to customize the filling density to the type of product you are packing or other process parameters.

  • Food appearance is enhanced – appearance is a key factor in consumer preference. To ensure an attractive presentation, Luthi rotary fillers form your product into the required size and shape before transferring it to the container. 

  • Luthi fillers are fast – Luthi rotary fillers are designed to fill 90 to 600 cans per minute. Faster filling means you are able to maximize plant capacity with fewer machines or install more machines and produce more salable product. Either way, your bottom line benefits.

  • Container flexibility – when you order a Luthi rotary filler, it is built to your container and fill weight requirements. Consequently, when your market or products change, you can easily change too. Machine parts to accommodate other container sizes are just a phone call away.

  • Reliability – our fillers are built to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with minimal downtime. Severe operating and environmental conditions, including very high temperatures and humidity, are not a problem. Fully mechanical in construction, our fillers contain few electronic components.

  • Sanitation – Luthi fillers are constructed of food-grade-approved materials.

  • Service/leasing – Luthi fillers are leased, which lowers your upfront costs and improves your cash flow. Plus, you become a partner instead of simply a customer. So, we share your commitment in keeping the machines well maintained and running smoothly. To accomplish this objective, we supervise installation and start-up, including multilingual operator training (along with manuals and videos); we also provide annual inspections and an on-site inventory of wear parts at your plant; and offer technological improvements at a nominal cost. Luthi’s highly trained service technicians travel worldwide to make sure that your machines are in top working order. Wear parts are currently provided free of charge.

  • Applications – there are a series of models available for specific applications to ensure that the accuracy, speed, production rate and end product integrity are maintained.

    • Model LTF – this rotary filler is designed to fill chunk-style tuna, tuna salads and certain pet foods.

    • Model MPF – this Luthi filler is designed for meat, poultry and pet food products in which product appearance is critical to consumer approval.


LTF Filler Specifications:

Model LTF Standard 

  • U.S. can size: 211 - 401

  • Can diameter: 68mm - 103mm

Model LTF Slide Pocket

  • U.S. can size: 307

  • Can diameter: 79mm

Model MPF

  • U.S. can size: 211 - 401

  • Can diameter: 68mm - 103mm

Plant services required:

  • Gear head, motor, frequency drive: 5 H.P., 230/460 V. 3 Phase, 60HZ (Options available upon request)

  • Air pressure required: 75 p.s.i.

  • Air volume required: 1 CFM supply required, 1/4-inch pipe

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