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Solid Pack (SP) Series Tuna Filler

Luthi Solid Pack (SP) tuna fillers are designed to deliver high production speed and accurate fill weight while maintaining the integrity of the product being packed. 


Key features:

  • Overfilling is minimized – overfilling has a direct impact on your bottom line. Luthi fillers are the most accurate in the industry, and, in most cases, weight can be maintained within ±2% of target.

  • Maximum product yield – infinitely adjustable air pressure provides uniform densification of raw material as required to achieve optimum yield. Variations due to type of protein or the process parameters can be adjusted to meet yield requirements.

  • Fill weight control – fill weight can be maintained to within 2% of target weight in most cases depending on can size and product. Plus, micro adjustments to fill weight can be made while the machine is in operation.

  • Production speed – Luthi fillers are capable of processing up to 350 cans per minute (on 211 cans) with complete can and product control at all times. Faster filling means you are able to maximize plant capacity with fewer machines or install more machines and produce more salable product. Either way, your bottom line benefits.

  • Container flexibility – the basic principle of the Luthi SP filler allows for multiple cake heights with a common diameter initially specified. Change parts are available for other can diameter and heights required.

  • Sanitation and safety – components used in the manufacture of the SP filler are all food-grade approved and designed for ease of cleaning and sanitizing. The basic machine design incorporates safety features that allow efficient operation, maintenance and adjustment.

  • Product integrity – the filler is designed to gently shape the cake through the compression chamber and metering turrets before transferring the cake into the can. The cake is under positive control at all times so as not to create deformation or degradation of appearance.

  • Reliability – designed to operate continuously for many years under severe operating and environmental conditions. 

  • Service - since Luthi fillers are leased, provision is made for inspection, service, training and free wear parts replacement with each facility. Our highly trained service technicians travel worldwide.

  • Applications – filling solid-pack tuna. There are a series of models available for specific applications to ensure that the accuracy, speed, production rate and end product integrity are maintained.

  • Model SP – designed to fill solid-pack tuna as well as chunk- and flake-style packs.

Luthi Solid Pack (SP) Filler Specifications:

Model SP

  • U.S. can size: 1/2 lb

  • Can diameter: 307 Dia (83mm)

  • Machine speed: 180/200* CPM

Model SPC

  • U.S. can size: 1/4 lb

  • Can diameter: 211 Dia (65mm)

  • Machine speed: 200/240* CPM

Model SPD

  • U.S. can size: 4 lb

  • Can diameter: 603 Dia (153mm)

  • Machine speed: 42 CPM

Other diameters available on request.

* A second diameter may be added in some applications.

Plant services required:

  • Electrical: 230/460 V, 3 Phase, 60HZ (options available upon request)

  • Air pressure required: 75 p.s.i. / 5.2 x 102 Pa

  • Air volume required: 1 CFM / 4.5 x 1.70 m3/H

  • Water connection required: 1/4 inch pipe

  • Steam required: 8 p.s.i. / 0.5 bar

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